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Escaping reality, being broke and going to the library


If you are interested in something that draws you so far into its reality that you nearly forget about your own reality (sounds pretty good doesn’t it?), then get your hands on the books of The Southern Beach Trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer.


I sped through the first book, Annihilation, and last night finished the second, Authority. I’m now waiting for someone to return the third book to my local public library.  Love that place.

I toyed with the idea of including a chapter in my little book entitled, “Go to the Library.”  If I ever were to include this in some newly revised edition of the book, here are my reasons I think everyone – but especially the chronically ill – should go to the library:

  1. It’s free. I would hate to make assumptions about your personal life, but I feel pretty comfortable asserting that if you are chronically ill like me, there’s a darn good chance you’re broke like me.
  2. Reading is a blessed distraction. From pain, from the fact that yet again you’re sitting in a waiting room, from the fact that you’re broke (see #1 above).
  3. This one is less a reason and more of an observation: Doctors love to see their patients reading.  I’m telling you, doctors will walk into the exam room, see that you’re reading, and all of a sudden they find you intelligent, interesting, and worthy of respect.
  4. It’s a great way to rest your body when your mind does not really feel like resting.
  5. With the right person, it can be quite fun to chat about the plots of the books you’re currently reading. Especially helpful on dates.
  6. As well as books your library probably also offers: Free Wi-Fi and use of computers, audio books, large print books, magazines, newspapers and DVDs of both films and television shows.  Because sometimes, even a Redbox rental isn’t in the budget.

A free public library card, however, is always in the budget.


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  2. Ashley, Thanks so much for following my blog, which brought me to this lovely site. I love reading as well, books can truly transport us into another world. Keep up the great work. xxx -Pamela-



  3. You’re so right about libraries. I’ve recently started going to my library, even just to get one book at a time, because it is a nice way to get out of the house but still be in an easy to cope with environment. It’s quiet, calm, and nobody rushes you. You also get a book at the end, for free! Thanks for your book suggestions too, i’ll definitely look into them. I recently read a book from my library called Black Orchids which completely enthralled me.



  4. Thank you for sharing your good read. I recently asked my FB friends for suggestions. I’ll check these out too.



  5. Reblogged this on Crazy, Beautiful Life! and commented:
    I absolutely love reading books! I love escaping my world, my life, my problems and become enthralled in a different reality. I can’t wait until my friend publishes her book. It’s been about 4 months since she shared her creation with me, but I have re-read it three times already. I love the characters; it’s as if I know who they are; as if they’re real people with real lives. It’s exciting and romantic and horrifying all at the same time! When her book is published, you better believe I will be sharing it with everyone I know! 🙂 Books are awesome!



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