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Running list of solutions to my obstacles…and maybe yours too?

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Christopher, his daughter, and I live in a little house with a musty, damp basement. (…that kind of has a ring to it – instead of Little House on the Prairie, we’ve got Little House with a Musty Basement…maybe I should start writing a fiction series! HA.)  Anyway, the basement needs a dehumidifier running all day and night, to the point the water tank in it needs to be emptied twice a day or else musty smells creep up through the grates.

Carrying that water tank to a place where I could dump it was an invitation for muscle spasms and headaches, but Christopher leaves for work really early in the morning and I was way too impatient to wait until he got home.  So, long story short, we found a solution – you attach the dehumidifier to a regular garden hose that you run outside and instead of the water filling the tank it just trickles its way outside all day and all night.  Every time I go down to the basement and see it working away, causing me no pain, I feel quite a silly sense of satisfaction. Solution illustrations below…

IMG_0047   IMG_0053   IMG_0051


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