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Getting wild in the prune juice aisle


In my little book I talk about how how I’m all for prunes to solve the constipation that often comes with chronic illness or is medication induced. Prunes are all natural and MUCH less expensive than some of the OTC pharmacy aisle remedies (yes Miralax, I am talking about you!)

Lately I’ve been gettin’ wild and going with prune juice instead of whole prunes. But gettin’ wild often comes with a price and last week I bought the wrong prune juice and it tasted AWFUL . Like, so bad I threw it out. And I’m really cheap, so that’s saying something.

So if you feel like getting’ wild in the prune juice aisle, I want you to  know, that in my humble opinion….

The yucky stuff looks like this:


The yummy stuff looks like this:



Fun fact: prunes are dried plums. Hope this is helpful! (the whole post I mean, not just the fun fact)


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  2. ah, sounds sweet….but for the fructose intolerant, it would be oh so painful. No dried fruit, and I don’t even think I can eat plums. funny how different bodies are, well just different. Kale is my friend for keeping me flushing friendly. ha.



  3. I do enjoy the complete rebranding of prunes as dried plums. Makes one feel less obvious buying prunes. Hadn’t seen the plum juice before.



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