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Avoiding the pain inflicted by bras, Part II


Yesterday’s outfit and post were centered around the wish to avoid the pain caused by bras for people with chronic illnesses involving muscle soreness, muscle spasms, extra nerve sensitivity, etc.

Today I must share with you a video that was sent to me last night by my friend Liz.  The lady in the video demonstrates how to take a large scarf and turn it into a drapey shrug/vest that perfectly conceals any evidence of…well, as I mentioned yesterday, it starts with an “n” and rhymes with “ripples.” Here’s the video:

After watching the video, I immediately went to my scarf drawer and picked out a couple that I really like but never wear as scarves and with some adjusting here and there – I had three new tops! I’m still amazed when little “fashion hacks” actually work.  Here’s some pics of my results.

IMG_4386   IMG_1770 IMG_0979   IMG_7724IMG_5127

I did the first two just like the video showed.  This last one is made out of a thick knit so the knot ended up being enormous.  I’m currently working on replacing the knot with some safety pin and/or a few sewn stitches.






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  4. Saw your post on G+ and thought it was so smart. I’m thinking I’m a bit bigger up top and it may make it harder to cover that up. But, with the right tank top (built in support) it would really round out an outfit and keep me from feeling like it’s so obvious I’m not in a bra. I need to buy some scarves!



    • They are just awful. When I have to wear one, I have been going with the bralette style, kinda like a girly sports bra with thin straps. Lesser of two evils.



  5. That is a cute little tip. I actually have more pain if I don’t wear a bra than if I do (gravity, you know…), but now I know how to cover up the bra straps! Thanks for posting that.



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