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My ongoing quest to avoid the pain inflicted by bras…but still look ladylike


Those of you who have a chronic illness involving muscle pain and/or extra sensitivity know that straps are problematic. Bra straps, purse straps, halter top straps, and God forbid – backpack straps. I will go out of my way to avoid all these. Hence my rolly (that’s not a word but it’s maybe it should be?) backpack.

When I must wear a bra (somedays considered a torture contraption), I’m very picky about the style. When I find one that works, I buy it in every color. Wal-Mart had a great $5.00 bra I wanted to give y’all a link to, but apparently they no longer sell it. Sad face.

But most of the time I avoid wearing a bra. BUT my mama brought me up to be a lady so those days I have to put some effort into hiding…you know…the word that starts with an “n” and rhymes with “ripples.” Here’s today’s outfit. This is a $10 dress from Ocean State Job Lot, made out of an incredibly soft material, and this $6 drapey vest from Burlington Coat Factory provides just enough of another layer of fabric to be decent. I stayed cool, avoided muscle spasms and wasn’t embarrassed when my dad and niece stopped by for a visit.



Hope this is a helpful post for someone out there whose in the same pain boat as I am.





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  3. I’m not on the “pain boat” but I’m on the “plain boat” and thus can relate to how hard it can be to actually find a bra that fits and makes you feel comfortable. I’m glad someone is talking about this.



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