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This week is a No Cleaning Week, but if it weren’t…

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Last week I wrote about How I “clean” the bathroom when I’m not feeling well enough to actually CLEAN the bathroom.

Well, this is a week where I’m not doing ANY cleaning. A couple slightly busy days in a row have exacerbated GI problems, weakness and dizziness. So housekeeping is a low priority and I don’t feel bad about it at all. (She wrote with a wry smile.)

But I did want to post about how I “clean” the kitchen during those in-between weeks where I’m up for a little cleaning. Or rather, a few tactics that make it look like I did some cleaning.

  • Empty the sink and dish dryer of ALL dishes
  • Clean everything off the counters besides those appliances which live there
  • Take everything old or non-essential off the fridge (for some reason, that makes a huge visual difference)
  • maybe sweep the floor (less arduous than vaccuuming)
  • get someone who’s strong to take out the garbage
  • if need be, spray some Glade “Fresh Linen” air freshner



Written by AshleyJane Kneeland, who can be reached at


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