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It’s like your shadow…if shadows really sucked

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Poverty is a circumstance, not a value judgment.


Here is a staggeringly important article written by Darlena Cunha for The Washington Post.  It’s entitled “This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps” and she shares her  experience as someone who never thought they’d have to use Food Stamps, and the judgments that were passed on her when her financial stability fell apart suddenly.  I think many of us who are living with chronic illnesses know what it’s like to build up our educations and careers, and then to suddenly lose it all.  I hope this article is shared to reach as many people as possible.  It’s important.




Lifestyle and Money

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Yes, it does. Well said.

Fibromyalgia WildFlowers

July 7, 2014

Lifestyle with Money

Is it true to say that someone with fibromyalgia who has enough income, may “recover” or “feel better” than someone with limited income situations?

For myself the household income is not enough to get all the right foods and vitamins. I don’t even have health insurance, and it’s been years since I had some; hopefully that will change soon but I don’t know. Dealing with IBS makes it even harder because of course my stomach is picky, but I can’t afford to be picky. Whatever you can get to eat has to be good enough or just starve.

Having only one person working in the household is tough, but you have to choose your life or work. I can’t work, because I’m walking around (barely) with many health risks. Just waking up to start my day or going to bed at night, sitting up…

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About a catalog & what you’ll get if I win the lottery


My landlord received a catalog in the mail the other day which caught my eye because it was from a company named Solumbra who specializes in clothes for people who need to hide from the sun – alert the Lupus community, right?


Well, after paging through it, I would say alert the wealthy members of the Lupus community.


This very lovely lady’s outfit comes to $362.80  Contrary to what you believe, that does NOT include her shoes OR even one hour of labor for the team of landscaping guys who keeps the path to her bungalow looking so neat but at the same time so luscious.  Nope, just the outfit.  Which, if you’re like me, you’d spill things on within the first week of owning it.

So, no, I will not be spending 2.5 car payments on this outfit.  But I’ll tell you what – if I win the lottery – I mean really big – I’ll track down that landscaping team and send them to y’alls houses for one week each.  Because whether you’re photosensitive or not, WE all know that landscaping probably doesn’t even appear on our list of priorities and even if it does those big-ass rocks that make up the path to her bungalow aren’t getting moved by any of US.  I put the catalog back in my landlord’s mail basket.