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The Bad Pain Day

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I am reblogging this post because my experience is just so darn similar to this persons, right down to the handful of Tramadol…

Anonymous Girl

Tramadol (generic: ultram) Tramadol (generic: ultram)

Today has been a bad pain day. If you’ve never experienced chronic pain, a bad pain day is hard to relate to, I suppose. Imagine falling down a flight of stairs and feeling sore for a few days from the fall then extend that feeling through every day of your life. Some days it feels like you just fell down the stairs. Other days it feels as though you’ve broken most bones in your body. And some days you feel sore but almost normal.

This morning the muscles in my hips and left leg are contracting into painful charlie horses which was a painful way to wake up. Even the muscles in my lower bad were tight and sore. I quietly hobbled downstairs to get some pain meds trying not to wake up Jonathan. Sometimes moving around helps so I tried doing some chores. It didn’t help.

Since it…

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