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Lupus Photosensitivity as a barrier to driving mobility

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Dear Ford Mobility Motoring Program,

I recently leased a 2014 Focus SE from Grappone Ford, here in Concord, NH.  It was a very pleasant shopping experience and I am very much enjoying my new Focus and its affordable price.

Upon learning about your Motoring Mobility Reimbursement Program, I wanted to appeal to you to cover my medically necessary tinted windows.  I am a Systemic Lupus patient.  Systemic Lupus is an autoimmune illness where the body’s own immune system attacks healthy tissue such as the nervous system, the kidneys, skin, etc.

Unfortunately, it is an incurable illness which can be fatal if preventative measures are not taken.  One of the many manifestations of the disease is called “photosensitivity.” This is where exposure to bright sunlight    causes flares of painful and potentially dangerous symptoms of the disease.

Even with all the protective measures I take when I go out during the day, I feel the effects of the sun while driving to doctors’ appointments (an hour drive), to my part-time job (20 min drive) and even the grocery store (just a 5 min drive).  If your program was able to reimburse me for my medically required tinted windows, it would effectively be giving me greater freedom and preventing symptoms such as debilitating pain and fatigue, rashes and worse.  I would be happy to provide a doctors’ note and any other information you may require.

I am appealing to you as a Lupus patient and as a health advocacy writer/blogger to recognize Lupus photosensitivity as a barrier to mobility.

Thank you for your consideration.

(By AshleyJane Kneeland, who can be reached at



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