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Lesson at PetSmart


Props to PetSmart today. When I walked in I (hesitatingly because I’ve never done this before) asked if there was anyone who could help me with the heavy kitty litter? All I said was that I had a muscle condition and it was hard for me to do myself.  I figured they’d just lift it into a cart for me. But the young guy who helped me carried the bag (42lbs) to the cashier, waited while I paid, and then carried it out to my car.

So now it’s 5 hours later and I’m not in horrendous pain from muscle spasms – thank you PetSmart!

Lesson: Don’t be afraid to ask nicely for help – and a short vague explanation suffices just fine. (I’m sure they did not want to hear all about my health condition any more than I wanted to share it.)


This is the kitty I was shopping for – I’d do most anything for him, but why pay for an incapiciatating muscle spasm if you don’t have to, right?

photo 1


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  2. Oh, and you’re kitty is adorable. I saw that hint somewhere online. Put a box on your desk and they’ll leave other stuff alone. Unfortunately, my kitty doesn’t do the box thing (mine is an odd cat).



  3. I’ve always found the same thing, a polite request with a short explanation (I generally say I have a bad back because it’s easily understood) goes a long way. ^_^



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