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Being Sun-Sensitive Yet Feeling Stylish…and not hot & sweaty

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Yesterday Christopher, his daughter, and I took advantage of free admission to the Strawberry Banke Museum in Portsmouth, NH. I knew I’d be doing some outdoor walking between touring the historic houses,

photo 1

so I got dressed strategically that morning. Anyone who is sensitive to the sun due to Lupus or medications knows that it’s a battle between staying covered and staying cool. (I figured my parasol would be cumbersome  to open and close at  each and every building.)

I got the light, silky, slightly sheer top on clearance at Old Navy (for my purposes, I got a size XXL). I was wearing it with just a little bralette type thing, but if you’re looking to be more modest you can wear a strappy tank top underneath.  The pants are also from Old Navy, they’re called Pixie Style and I like them because they’re very stretchy. I love me an oversized shirt and some stretchy pants, no matter what the season. The hat was a find (from Target) because I have several large beach hats but they seem to block my vision half the time and I can’t wear them in the car. This little 40s style hat shades my face but is small enough that you almost forget you’re wearing it. In the car I cover my hands and feet with a light white scarf wrap while I dream of a car with tinted windows.

photo 5

Took me years of uncomfortable outfits and flared-up symptoms before I figured out outfits like this to keep me protected and cool, yet still feeling like a semi-stylish young person. As they say, better late than never. To me, that’s what my blog and my little book are all about – things I wish I’d figured out right away when I first got sick. I really hope my writing saves someone else time, energy and avoidable flare-ups of their own chronic illness. 


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