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Speaking at the Currier Museum of Art


I will be speaking about living “incurably” at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH on August 7th.

Earlier in the spring, the Currier presented a new exhibit  – a series of paintings by Romare Bearden based on the famous epic, The Odyssey.  The Currier accepted submissions for a program called  “Swappin’ Stories” (based on the old NPR show, The Moth Radio Hour) describing one’s own personal journey, or odyssey.

My story is based out certain selections from my little book  and was chosen amongst others to be shared at the August ‘Currier After Hours’ event. Christopher, Sierra, and I went and saw the exhibit when it first opened. Here’s a few of the paintings in the exhibit.

Bearden-Odysseus_Leaves     photo1     acm_bearden_01-630x388


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