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In my ongoing effort to increase my participation as a “Health Advocate,” I have created a profile on WEGO, a social network of leaders, bloggers, and tweeters to strengthen Health Advocacy. I also signed up for the WEGO Health Press Corps and, should they ever need me, to be a WEGO Health Activist Speaker. Attending a conference or speaking at an event would be a really great experience. I certainly have things I’d like to say about being young and chronically ill!


I also signed up to be an Arthritis Ambassador through the Arthritis Foundation.  An ambassador commits to 2 hours/month; one hour is training via a webinar and the other spent completing an assignment that furthers the Arthritis Foundation mission and raises awareness about the many different conditions that the Foundation encompasses.

Arthritis Foundation Logo

Two other organizations I would love to get involved with are the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association and, of course, the Lupus Foundation of America. Unfortunately, NH does not have its own Lupus Foundation Chapter.

default-fb      object897939967

I certainly had a lot of fun making the video trailer for my little book on and am hoping that maybe I can create another video for one of these great causes.


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