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Running List of Solutions to My Obstacles…and maybe yours: Wheels


Due to sore muscles that are very prone to spasms, carrying anything is a big obstacle of mine. If a bra or purse strap hurts like hell, then a backpack or any kind of heavy handled tote has always been a nightmare. So over a decade later, I now feel like an idiot that it took this long to find this solution. Only $19.99!


This will be perfect for things like taking Christopher’s daughter to the local pool. It’s maybe a 2-block walk and I like to bring a bunch of stuff with me to camp out in the shade with (towel, book, snacks, etc). She has her own stuff to carry so now I can roll along with her. Here’s hoping that’s not too embarrassing for her.

image 2

I broke it in this weekend at the NH Walk to Cure Arthritis, where I handed out Living Incurably Goodie Bags. It worked great, I outfitted the back with zip ties to attach a camera, water bottle, and parasol.

image copy

The event raised a lot of money for the Arthritis Foundation, which is wonderful. Despite all my layers of protection, however, it was way too sunny for me and have been feeling very sick ever sense. BUT despite that, I’m feeling very victorious that I found a solution which allowed me to transport stuff without a helper. So, feeling like a bit of a dreadful sick Lupus patent today – but a dreadful sick Lupus patient with wheels that make her a little more independent! I look forward wheeling somewhere else soon – but in the shade.



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  2. I’m so glad that works for you! I tried a backpack with wheels when I was in college a couple of years back but it pulled my back out of whack. >_> Back to the drawing board for me. ^_^



    • I hear ya, there’s no way I could carry anything at all heavy (such as college textbooks!) anymore, I wincing just thinking about it. With a back problem like yours, I would depend on mule friends for sure 🙂



      • The daughter person used to call herself my pack mule. hahahaha! Now I have a husband for just such emergencies.^_^ In the end, I downloaded most of my text books. I had a letter from Student Services saying I could do so.



  3. I bought a backpack with wheels (a handle can be pulled out from the top, just like a small suitcase that people usually use as carry-ons). I bought it through a website where I could pick which cause I wanted to support. Out of all of the options, I chose breast cancer. I really like it and it helps me out a lot. Like you said, it is great for outings as you can bring everything that you could possibly need without carrying all of the weight. 🙂



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