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I have reworded several sentences in my little book. I wanted to make sure that in a few small places my “part tough love and part irreverant humor” was never mistaken for a lack of compassion or sensitivity.

If you’re one of the lovely people who have already downloaded the book, I’ll outline these changes for you below. The new text is as follows:

“Work” Chapter 

If at all possible, work. Even if it’s just a tiny amount of hours.

Ideally, You would be out in the world, even if it’s only for a few hours a week.You would have conversations with healthy people about their able lives.You would have some earnings, no matter how small.You would maintain and develop new skills.

At the very least, try taking on a project – say, volunteering to stuff envelopes from home – and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when you finish the project. Even if it’s just for one hour a week, embrace an identity besides “patient.”

“Don’t take on extra weight” Chapter

Sometimes weight is added by the health condition itself and/or necessary medications. In that case, don’t let that weight gain make you so despondent that your self-control slips away.

“How to repay the lovely people….” Chapter

Get happy. Do whatever it takes. Not for them, for you. In the face of your illness, your loved ones feel scared and powerless and the best way you can reassure them is to create a balanced spirited life for yourself.

“There’s no need for a fake limp” Chapter

The frustrations of having an “invisible illness” are many. But I try to tell myself that since I don’t look as sick as I feel…

“Beware the pit of addiction” Chapter

After that initial treatment, however, these drugs will become an addiction. Your body will develop a tolerance, meaning you need more and more to get the same effect as your original dose. I am aware that sometimes long-term use is medically necessary and I am in no way criticizing those cases. I am speaking to cases of opiates being used for their emotional escape, which in turn becomes a substance abuse.

“Sexy Time” Chapter

There is always a creative solution to your limitations. To be blunt but hopefully not crass, all kinds of things feel good and promote intimacy, not just acts that end in orgasms.




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