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A martyr in the dark and a cat getting his fix


As I lay in bed last night an absolutely awful muscle spasm started in my jaw, spreading to my neck and into a headache. I got up, did every thing I could think of that might help and lay back down feeling very miserable, alone – a martyr in the dark.

Soon my very large cat Gill Pender starts slowing crawling up from the foot of bed. Gill sleeps most nights cuddled around my foot, but never really cuddles on my torso like I so wish he would. So as he climbs up to my chest, I choked up and started thinking my wonderful cat had identified my moment of need and was coming to comfort me, God bless him…….until he reached the head of the bed and started ZEALOUSLY LICKING every spot I had applied Icy Hot to.

(If you’re not familiar with Icy Hot, it’s an OTC pain-relieving ointment similar to BenGay.)

I felt betrayed. Betrayed by what in a human, we would consider a chemical substance abuse problem. Disappointed in life, I pushed him away only to have him reappear out of the dark a minute later even more determined to have whatever hopped-up experience a cat gets from an Icy Hot fix .

It tickled, he was purring loudly in my ear and the whole thing was suddenly funny. My giggling hurt my jaw something awful but it was worth it anyway.


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  1. My dog loves licking polysporin off my owies…..he sits there and sniffs and sniffs then a little taste then another. He’s 90 pounds so it kinda funny.



  2. Haha, cats are so good at that! Mine loves licking my hands whenever I’ve just washed them – I think she lives the smell of soap.



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