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Don’t fold your dish towels

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When I happened to peruse this book, Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD,  I got some very helpful tips that surprisingly apply to chronic illness patients as well.

It caught my eye because some in my household deal with ADHD obstacles which seem to be incompatible with my many organizational systems. The same clothes were worn over and over, nothing got thrown out, and there were piles of things everywhere. Drove me nuts. Plus, my own systems ended up being a lot of work for me and my tired/sore body.

I was impressed with this book because not only did this book explain the ADHD mind and its challenges, it also gave some very practical suggestions that could help chronic illness patients manage their households as well.

I think there’s a crossover effect between the two issues because people with ADHD need simple, short systems with fewer choices while chronically ill people benefit from this as well because they have diminished energy levels and often “foggy” minds tied to flares and medications.

The author wrote that systems need to be realistic, which meant me abandoning some of my elaborate plans in favor of systems that speak to other styles of thinking and my not-so-healthy days. At first it felt like a big compromise, but it resulted in greater harmony and less energy being expended on trivial stuff, so of course it’s worth it.

Here are some of the specific tips the author touched on:

  • Lots of people who hold onto an ideal of a perfect aesthetically pleasing house/apartment achieve that once every two months and the rest of the month(s) it’s an unorganized mess.  Go for practical instead and have a home that looks organized most of the time, if not fancy and lush. Abandon complicated decorations, systems and decorations that require daily energy.
  • Compromise to make realistic systems. You may want to tuck your laundry basket away in a hidden corner, but if  it results in you/others leaving dirty laundry all over the bathroom, then give in and put the laundry basket out in the open where it will actually get used.
  • Why fold your dish towels? Energy wasted. Get a basket and just toss them all in.
  • Abandon complicated and fussy beds. No tiny little pillows. Two pillows to sleep with and two large decorative pillows matching the comforter will look just as put together. Get a thick bulky comforter so you don’t have to mess with the sheets, just pull the comforter up and you’re good.



Very convincing book. Check out if your library has it!

PS. If one of you in your marriage has ADHD, I recommend this book as well. I was definitely ignorant regarding ADHD – it’s way more complicated than just having a hard time focusing.



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