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Running List of Solutions to My Obstacles..and maybe yours: a parasol


If you’re like me and need to hide from the sun (from Lupus photosensitivities, medication sensitivities, migraines, etc.) you’re probably just as sick as I am of wearing hats (I loathe hats) and long-sleeved clothes (especially when it’s hot) just to walk around outside in the warmer months.

Well, it only took me about 8 years, but I finally came up with one solution that I like – a parasol, a small umbrella to keep out the sun instead of the rain. Doesn’t mess up your hair, keeps your whole body in the shade, and lets you wear the clothes you’d normally only wear inside out of the sun.

Here’s a photo of me, back when I was a brunette, using my parasol. Just now I typed “parasol” into and got all these results. And if you’re trying to avoid such a “girly” look, there’s some more neutral colors and styles here and here and here.

Hope someone out there finds this idea as useful as I did!



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  5. It’s gorgeous! I broke down and finally found a fun hat a few weeks ago after my doctor lectured me on needing one at an appointment. It’s the first hat I have bought myself since becoming an adult. I’m 30 btw. It’s the first hat I’ve found that I actually look good in. Now you’ve given me another option to consider! Thank you so much for posting this!



  6. Ha! When I lived in Mississippi, I used a huge golf umbrella for just such a purpose. No silly little parasols for me. ^_^ I’m a BIG woman who needs BIG shade (thyroid issues see to that). Seems that people didn’t understand the purpose though because they kept informing me that it wasn’t raining. Weirdos. ^_^

    I love hats though, and wear them all the time when my arms aren’t up to holding umbrellas.



    • Nice. We don’t have much of a lawn, but it’s an easy choice for me between our tiny open deck and our tiny screened in porch for sure!



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