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Amazon Keeps Reviews Legit

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Christopher, being the nice guy that he is, hopped on Amazon to add a review to his purchase of my little book. Amazon rejected his review because they could tell via my Amazon account that he and I are connected (by mailing address, I assume). Which is too bad that he didn’t get to help it keep a 5-star rating, but on the up side – we should all be reassured that Amazon is cleverly checking out reviews to make sure they’re legit. So when you look over the 47 reviews of that iron you’re considering buying, be reassured that they’re not all written by people coming from the same address with different accounts.

On that note, if any of you bought my book and enjoyed it, I would love it if you reviewed it for me. If it offended you for some reason, I would most appreciate an email instead of a 1 star review – recently someone emailed me their concerns instead of rating me with 1 star and I thought it was most decent of them. I’m sure they are going to have good Karma down the line.

To write a review on Amazon, you go back to the item, in this case, my little book, and scroll to the bottom where it says Customer Reviews. At the bottom of the Customer Reviews section is a button that says “Write A Customer Review.”



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