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Sleepy Time Products I Would Endorse

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There are countless studies proving that getting enough sleep is key to managing a chronic illness. For that matter, it’s the best thing anyone – healthy or not – can do for themselves.  Productivity, susceptibility to infections, weight loss, mood swings, anxiety, even your appearance – they’re all drastically affected by the amount and quality of sleep you get.

I myself often have trouble falling asleep due to pain and then once I do fall asleep, I often have “night terrors.”  Whether I remember these screaming and hullicinating episodes or not, they prevent me from getting deep, restful sleep. If you have sleep disturbances or if you’re still tired when you wake up in the morning, try making some nighttime adjustments – they can make a big difference. Here are the accessories I swear by:

Sound Machine to block out any nighttime noises that may wake you or disturb you during deep sleep…


Mattress Topper such as this or this to cushion any sore joints or muscles…

4-inch-memory-foam-mattress-topper        1353499495_VI-Spring Heaven Luxury Mattress Topper

And I’ve already mentioned the Snoogle….


And deep sleep requires a dark room, so make sure you’re blocking out the light from passing cars, street lights, etc with some roller shades or heavy-duty blinds…



I cover all those little glowing lights on my electronics with a little square of black electrical tape


And, during the winter I swear by this humidifier. It prevents your sinuses from drying out and thus prevents sinus infections, dry cough, etc…


Rest well!






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