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#2 on My Running List of Extremely Part-Time Jobs

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For those of us who (frustratingly) cannot work full-time jobs due to the inevitable hospital stays they cause, here is #2 on my Running List of Extremely Part-Time Jobs:

Bookkeeper for a small business/church/temple

Both times I’ve done this (once for a small nursing-home type business and now, for a lovely nutrition counselor,) it was a rewarding job.  You really feel like you’re contributing to the business/organization and from time to time the hours are even flexible.  Sometimes it’s Quickbooks financial bookkeeping and sometimes other paperwork that is required by the state.  It’s nice too, if it leads to other more creative tasks as well, such as setting up organizational systems or working on their newsletter.  This is often a word-of-mouth found job, so don’t be afraid to ask around and see if anyone is looking.

(#1 was Substitute Teaching)


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