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Game Changer


That massage was a game changer.  In a good way.  

The tone of our day, the thoughts in our mind are often a choice.  When it’s not a serious problem (in which case, call a counselor/doctor immediately,) it’s often a thought pattern that’s stuck in a rut.  Happens to me all the time.  For example, I could stuck in a rut where I’m thinking, “I never get enough sleep anymore; nobody lets me sleep long enough; I’m miserable because I can’t relax and sleep in, etc.”  My ruts don’t just fade; they repeat until they get louder and louder.  So pretty soon I’m sleeping even WORSE because I’m pretty much willing this negative thought to happen.

To break a thought pattern, maybe try what I do: Tell yourself, I’m going to do X (go for a walk, get a massage, buy a new dress, etc) – that’s your Game Changer.  Do it, enjoy it, remind yourself it’s your Game Changer.  Then when the destructive rut thoughts creep back from time to time, as they always do, say something as simple as “Not anymore, not since the Game Changer.”  After doing this an exhausting amount of times, your pattern of thoughts can actually change.

Try it with determination.  Go change your game.



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  2. Massage can be such a game changer! My roommate and best friend is my massage therapist. I’ve been experiencing what I’m pretty sure is a pinched nerve the past few days and he was able to offer some relief yesterday! We are trying to slowly work me back into a regular massage routine as we think it will help with my flares in joint pain and such. Just wanted to write and say massage is such a gem, I know it helps me with my Lupus issues. There are even therapists out there that specialize in therapy for patients with Lupus and similar illnesses, how cool is that?



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