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Your House/Your Resting Room


The chronically ill need to rest a lot.  Some people can get very relaxed and take a nap in the middle of a chaotic flea market.  Many of us, however, rest much better in a tidier, esthetically pleasing environment.

Try putting a little thought into into the design of where you rest.  It does NOT have to look like a Better Home & Gardens photo spread (or cost cost as much!) –  it just needs to look nice to your eyes and calming to your mind.

Treat yourself to a really nice blanket to rest with.  Find just the texture you like and then tell everyone else, including pets, don’t touch – this blanket is just for me!




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  1. Very true. Actually, something about magazine decorating ideas always makes my skin crawl. The fakeness just pours out of the page somehow. A real room should look real.



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