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If any of you saw me checking out at Burlington Coat Factory recently, yes, I was buying a Snoogle, and no, I am NOT expecting.  If you are not familiar with the Snoogle, I am inserting a photo  here of some anonymous glowing, very pregnant lady all snuggled up in her Snoogle.


As you can see, it’s an S shaped body pillow which cushions your head and between your knees.

I discovered the Snoogle in a roundabout fashion. A sleep doctor recommended I sleep only on my side. To prevent me from rolling onto my back, he suggested I sew 2 tennis balls into my sleep shirt. First of all, that would be one hell of needle to pierce a tennis ball. Second, that’s the ONE & ONLY solution this Ivy League Medical Center Sleep Department could come up with?

So I took to the internet. And low and behold, pregnant ladies came to my rescue. There are blogs and discussion forums galore about being pregnant. And they enthusiastically recommended the Snoogle for side-sleeping. I’m enthusiastic about it now too. It does feel a bit restrictive at first, but if you give in to it, it’s like the most exceedingly comfortable, soothing restrictiveness you could imagine.

I haven’t been back to see that Sleep Doctor yet, but I imagine myself wrestling my giant Snoogle into his office and making him try it out before EVER telling any other patients to SEW TWO TENNIS BALLS INTO THEIR PAJAMAS.


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  3. To replace the tennis balls, I’m thinking of… a sea urchin. A little harder to sew but even more effective. And is Google affiliated with this Snoogle in any way?



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