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The Toughest Man on TV

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If you didn’t catch it in September 2013, Rolling Stone published a quite wonderful article about Michael J. Fox and his battle with Parkinson’s Disease. I really applaud how open he has been about his illness; it seems to me he has tremendously raised awareness all the while removing stigma.  And he’s just so adorably funny all the while.

My two favorite highlights from the article:

1) He discusses how his years of sobriety and Recovery helped prepare him for being chronically ill:

He’s been sober for 21 years: “My sobriety is old enough to drink.”The tools he acquired in the program – acknowledging lack of control over a disease, learning maxims like “My happiness goes in direct proportion to my acceptance and in inverse proportion to my expectations” – turned out to be equally suited to dealing with the inescapable realities of Parkinson’s. “That’s the source of all this wisdom that’s attributed to me,” says Fox.

2) He talks about the odd liberation that came with his diagnosis:

Around the same time, he went into therapy, where the biggest revelation was also the most obvious. When he told his therapist that his old fear – that the other shoe was about to drop – was plaguing him, she smiled. “Michael,” she told him, “you have Parkinson’s disease. The other shoe dropped a long time ago.”

Link to Full Article


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