1byOne’s Portable Charger

I’ve never had a portable charger but I always wanted one.  There are so many times when it could come in handy.  You could be working in the basement and need to keep your phone charged while you listen to the radio.  You could be at a sporting event.  You could be in a car without USB ports.  For me, I needed one for Tuesdays, when I do some bookkeeping work.  Because of my Tinnitus, I listen to white noise all day, which slowly drains my phone.  Yesterday I had the lovely USB Portable Charger with LED Display that 1byOne was so kind to send me and when I left, my phone was at 100% despite me using it all day.

I took a couple notes: When I plugged my phone into the charger at 8:52 my phone was at 80%.  At 9:40, despite being in constant use the whole time, my phone was at 97%.  At 10:17, still in use, my phone was at 100% and it stayed at 100% the rest of the day.  Pretty impressive.

Some other perks of the phone:

* It can charge two phones at once.

* It has a digital display that tells you how much battery life the charger has left.  The charger charges by connecting the included cord into your computer/USB wall port.  (NOTE: To connect your phone to the charger, you need to use your own regular charging cord.  At least for iPhones/iPads, if not all.)

*It comes in both a sleek black or white design, easily mistaken for a smartphone itself.

The charger is priced at a reasonable $16.99 and is available here on Amazon.